Memory Care

Memory Care at Home

Lifespace believes that home can be an enriching and comfortable place for individuals and their caregivers as they journey through the memory loss experience. Lifespace was created by Jude Rabig, a nurse and gerontologist. Jude is an expert in working with older adults and individuals with cognitive loss. She is a certified Fit Minds coach and is licensed to conduct cognitive assessments. She has created and personally trained a team of nurses and Memory Care Partners who provide customized comprehensive program of care and support to individuals with memory care and their families. An in-home holistic initial assessment of the individuals, and the environment helps to create a plan. All assessments and plans are completed by Dr. Rabig.

Our services include:

  • Companionship – consistently assigned specially trained memory care partners
  • Memory loss specific engagement activities (fun)
  • Assistance with meals, cooking, shopping housework
  • Assistance with benefit checks
  • Bill payer assistance/mail management
  • Environmental adaptations
  • Safety device recommendations
  • Medication review and management
  • Help with physician visits
  • Customized Brain Fitness program
  • In home caregiver education
  • Caregiver support sessions in home or in our office

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